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It is my privilege to introduce Dr. Carl Hammerschlag. He is a Yale trained psychiatrist, practicing physician, internationally recognized author, speaker, grandfather, fly fisherman and healer. Dr. Hammerschlag is one of the early pioneer leaders in integrating today’s popular mind-body-spirit medicine and is an expert in rapidly changing cultures who understands the importance of sustaining connections. His unique insights, visionary skills and storytelling ability,will inspire you to look at the familiar in new ways.

Dr. Hammerschlag’s experience working with Native Americans for more than 20 years profoundly changed his life and moved him from doctor to healer. He is a 1998 recipient of the National Caring Award, selected by the Caring Institute of Washington D.C. from more than a quarter million nominations as “one of the 10 most caring adults in America.” Author of four books and two children’s books, Dr. Hammerschlag currently serves at the Chief of Community Mental Health at the Gesundheit Institute. He is a bridge builder, pathfinder and visionary who inspires people to reawaken their spirit and celebrate their choices, changes and connections.

Please welcome that rare combination of dreamer and doctor, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag.

(If Appropriate)
If you would like to hear more from Dr. Hammerschlag, he invites you to visit his website at where you can sign up to receive his weekly commentary, “Schlag Bytes”, (his opinions and commentaries about what’s happening in the world. Guaranteed to make you giggle, cringe, ponder or scream but definitely not bore). They are free of charge via e-mail.
Dr. Hammerschlag will now be available to sign his books.

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